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About Us

Welcome to Adamah Gallery Seafood. Our names are Toni and Vester and we are the family behind Adamah Gallery Seafood. We started our business in 2019 out of pure passion for fresh seafood. We believe in the delicious taste and nutritional benefits of pescatarian meals for our family and so we wanted to source the best of the sea for your family. 
Our family's mission is to provide the highest quality of wild-caught seafood for you to be able to create the freshest and tastiest dishes for your family. That's why our motto is to "Take it Home and Make it your own." 

Where does our seafood come from? We source throughout the North Eastern Region from New York To Massachusetts. You can also find our seafood products at local Farmer's Markets based in NYC and our stand on Merrick Blvd.

Thank you for shopping Adamah Gallery Seafood - we can't wait for you to Take it Home an Make it Your Own!